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5th December 2017

Oli Ward

Coding Fellowship Bootcamp Student: Ellie

We caught up with Coding Fellowship Bootcamp student, Ellie, to discuss her background, her career change and her experience of the course so far.

Background (education, what career did you have before this?)

I studied Philosophy and Politics at university, and have been working in the charity sector for the past few years. Until a few months before starting the course, I was working for a legal-aid charity in London and had planned on doing a law conversion course.

What attracted you to a career change into web development?

Since graduating, I have missed using problem solving skills on a day-to-day basis. I was attracted to web development for this reason, and to learn a versatile skill which will expand my career opportunities in a fast paced and expanding industry.

Why are you attending the Coding Fellowship?

The Coding Fellowship seemed like the perfect opportunity to develop my skills over a short period of time. I like that the course has a personalised approach to teaching, valuing all their students as individuals. I was also attracted to the ethos of Develop Me, with their dedication to diversifying the workforce in the tech industry by supporting under-represented groups access training.

What was your coding experience before starting the bootcamp?

I had done some courses on Free Code Camp and Code Academy over the months leading up to the course.

How have you found the Fellowship so far?

I’m really enjoying it.  It’s definitely been challenging and overwhelming at times, but I’m so happy I decided to do the course. It has opened my eyes to how much there is to learn, and I feel in a much better position to pursue areas of interest and continue learning after the course.

What have you enjoyed most?

I really enjoy Javascript. Although it can be frustrating and hard at times, the satisfaction I feel when my code works is worth it! It’s fantastic to be surrounded by an amazing group of people every day. We all motivate, support and learn from one another.

I also enjoy having a different teacher every few weeks, they all have different methods of teaching and give their unique insight about work within industry.

What have you found hardest?

The curriculum covers a huge amount over 3 months, I’ve never concentrated so hard in my life! I think taking everything step by step is important, and reminding myself that although there is still a huge amount to learn, I know an unimaginable amount more than when I started the course 2 months ago!

What advice would you give to someone thinking of attending the Fellowship?

The course is very intense so be prepared to dedicate a lot of time over the 3 months. Although not essential, I think it’s really helpful to do as much preparation as you can before the course starts. I would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone thinking about developing their skills in web development!

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