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Keir Moffatt

5th August 2019

Oli Ward

Front End Web Development – 8 Common Questions 

We asked Bristol-based Front End expert and tutor, Keir Moffatt, some of the most common questions our students ask about Front End Web Development.

Keir Moffatt our talented Front End Web Development Tutor can answer just about any question about  Front End Web Development!

1 – What does a Front End Developer actually do?

As a front-end developer, I always think of myself as the ‘glue’ between design and back-end programming – I build the interface that the user sees and interacts with. Front-end development primarily involves coding in HTML, CSS and JavaScript but there are many other languages and tools available too. I think of it as quite a ‘creative’ form of coding as there are always many ways to solve any given problem.

2 – Freelance Work and the Job Market – how will it benefit your career?

The web industry is an extremely healthy market – it is constantly growing and evolving, and there always seems to be more work than people available to do it. As a result, it pays well and offers a very dependable career path, with plenty of variety and areas of specialty.

3- What online courses/resource would you recommend for learning Front End Web Development if  on a budget?

I am largely self-taught and there are plenty of resources online to help you learn, if you are limited on time and budget. A good starting point are the free courses via Codecademy:

4- Why pay for a classroom course with an expert tutor?

If you have the time and/or budget, the best approach is definitely a course – learning alongside others is really beneficial, and you can be assured the knowledge you are gaining is based on industry-standard approaches. Develop Me offer both full-time and part-time Web Developer courses, and have an impressive 98% employment rate at graduation.

5 – What kind of lifestyle can you have as a Freelance Front End Web Developer?

I have been a freelance web developer for over 18 years and I love the freedom and flexibility it gives me. I can work from anywhere with an internet connection, I can set my own hours, and I have been able to travel and explore other careers and hobbies. For example, I currently spend my winters teaching snowboarding in Andorra, and my summers travelling and doing web development. It is definitely a skillset that can help you build a good life/work balance.

6 – What can you earn as a Web Developer

Web development pays well – as a freelancer, you can expect a day rate upwards of £300, and even more if you work with London-based clients. In a full-time role, you can be looking at upwards from £35,000. These rates increase with experience and specialisation.

7 – What skills/background you need to become a Web Developer?

You don’t really need any specific background to get into web development – just curiosity and the desire and patience to learn. If you are logically-minded or quite process-driven, or have some experience of Mathematics or code, this will of course be beneficial – but people come to this industry from all walks of life, so anyone can learn. I sometimes think of coding as similar to what our brains do every day – as you make decisions, remember information and complete repetitive tasks; all things you will also learn to do in code!

8 – Why learn Web Development!?

For me, there are so many pros of web development – it is always evolving and presenting new challenges, so I have never grown bored in my 18 year career. There are loads of different technologies and specialties, so the options for growth and change are endless. It is in high demand, pays well and can provide freedom and flexibility. And finally is both challenging and fun – and quite addictive!

The only con is that you obviously spend a fair amount of time looking at a screen – but we all do that in this day and age anyway!


We are currently taking bookings for our Front End Web Development Course with Keir starting in September. More info here.


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