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27th August 2019

Oli Ward

Coding Fellowship Bootcamp Student Profile: Oliver

We caught up with Oliver on our Summer 2019 cohort to find out more about his background, why he chose to enrol on our Bristol based Coding Bootcamp and how he's been getting on learning to code so far.

What was your background/career before you joined the Coding Bootcamp?

Formerly I am an Automotive Electrical Technician and have worked a few years in that industry, but then I was lucky enough to spend 2 years in Japan, so I decided to live for my passion of traveling. And now I am here in Bristol doing a Coding Bootcamp.

Why are you attending the Coding Bootcamp?

To ensure I have the necessary skills to get straight into the industry.

What were your main questions/concerns before joining the Bootcamp?

As the course requires a huge commitment not just time-wise but money-wise; I was a bit worried about how fast I can find a suitable job for myself after graduation.

How does your experience on the Coding Bootcamp now answer those questions/concerns?

It is now more than halfway through the course and I feel much more confident and positive about finding a job with all the amazing support we have.

What was your coding experience before the Course?

Last year I enrolled on an online course at Codecademy and I’ve made a few websites for friends with HTML, CSS and some really basic Javascript.

How have you found the Bootcamp so far?

Absolutely brilliant, sometimes really challenging but definitely enjoyed every moment of it so far.

What have you enjoyed most?

Javascript and PHP. Especially PHP as I found great interest in some of the potential security threats and their possible fixes.

What have you found the most challenging?

I think the fact that we have to move on to a completely new topic every other week.

How would you describe the support on the Bootcamp?

All the instructors and assistants are very knowledgeable and supportive therefore, I am extremely happy to be part of this community.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of attending our Coding Bootcamp in Bristol?

Try out an online course and see for yourself if you are into coding, and if so I would definitely recommend joining one of the future coding bootcamp cohorts.

What role are you looking for after the Bootcamp? Where do you see yourself in the future?

An entry-level job in a company involved in cyber-security.  This means I would have the chance to improve my skills not just in back-end development but in data and privacy protection.

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