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17th January 2020

Nicola Laing

So much more than a Coding Bootcamp… a transformational career change programme

Our mission has always been to focus intently on our students learning experience and help them achieve their career ambitions.

Over the last 4 years we have developed The Coding Fellowship – the most comprehensive tech career change programme in Bristol and the South West region. 

With over 5 years of highly successful delivery of all our learning programmes and 5 star ratings from our students; we are more student-centred than ever, and passionate in supporting people looking to upskill or accelerate their current or future tech careers.

As we enter a new decade and celebrate our fifth year in business – we take a brief moment to reflect. 

In 2020 we will have reached a unique ‘milestone’ – having helped over 100 successful graduates to achieve their career change goals, and worked with our 50+ committed hiring partners to grow their tech teams through the Coding Fellowship programme alone; with a subsequent and unrivalled 98% of graduate students moving directly into web / software development roles. 

As we were the first Coding Bootcamp established in the South West – we have always set the bar very high; and our ambition to provide the highest quality and most commercially relevant courses, has ensured that we have been on a constant learning journey both for us, our incredible team, our expert instructors and our students. We never stop refining our courses in alignment with industry standards and employer demand. 

We launched with four ambitious students in 2015. Thank you Simon N, Simon C, Kasia & Josh! Have a look at what Simon C is working on now, his own tech start-up!:

Coding bootcamp students on desks

As we now enter the next decade; we have combined all of our learnings from five years of delivery experience into shaping our comprehensive 16 week tech career change programme. To reflect the high value, there will be an adjusted price of £9,450 (£8,950 when full fees paid upfront) applicable from June 2020 

The Coding Fellowship has evolved dramatically over the last 4 years as we have consistently strived to create the best possible learning environment, curriculum and support networks to make our students’ transition into their new careers as effective and seamless as possible. Through all this our price has remained the same, this no longer reflects the quality of the programme and commitment of the growing team here at Develop Me. By choosing to study with us you can feel confident that you’re in very good hands!  

Our totally unique Coding Fellowship Programme has been designed to put you in the perfect position to land a job as a junior developer straight from graduation. With a 98% hire rate we even help you make that transition by organising multiple interviews with our hiring partners.

Yes – technical skills are fundamental in our learning programmes at Develop Me, but we believe  it is fundamentally all about people. Everyone has a different and unique journey. Our absolute focus is on helping people to get to where they want to go – both in terms of industry-relevant technical skills and also in supporting them with the vital skills required to make their learning journey a success.  

We therefore offer ‘lifetime’ career support to all our graduates as they transition into their 1st, 2nd, 3rd roles and beyond.

We believe in skills over formal qualifications.

We also believe collaboration, team work, critical thinking, emotional intelligence with problem solving are the skills required in the 21st century workforce – all married with a passion and purpose. We won’t call them ‘soft skills’ – as these are the fundamental skill-set required in any 21st century workforce. 

If you are looking to accelerate your existing or a new career in tech – talk to us to see how we can help you achieve your goals in 2020 and beyond.

The Coding Fellowship Programme is an immersive, project-driven, 16 week accelerated Coding Bootcamp programme in web / software development. 

You’ll get to grips with all the technologies, tools, processes and skills you need to embark immediately on a career as a web / software developer – whilst putting together a portfolio of real world project work and making some great contacts along the way.

Course Structure

  • Pre-course programme

4-6 week (60+ hours) completed online from home, that helps our students come fully prepared to make the most of the 12 weeks spent in class.

  • Bootcamp Programme

12 week full-time immersive classroom Coding Bootcamp Programme – which equips students with a solid and well rounded skill base, enabling them to enter the industry immediately from graduation.

  • Career Support

      • Guaranteed job interviews
      • CV workshops & interview advice
      • Portfolio development
  • Programme Features

    • Pre-course study support groups
    • Small class sizes 
    • Weekly 1:1 learning support sessions
    • Progress learning apps
    • Expert industry instructors
    • Creative studio environment
    • Networking opportunities
    • Assignment of personal industry Mentor for support 
    • Wellbeing services
    • Socials & Meet-ups
    • Alumni community
    • Lifetime career support

    For full details and how to apply please visit

    Finance is available to support your career change.

    Please get in touch to find out more. 

    [email protected]

    You can also hear from some of our graduates and hiring partners discussing their experiences of the bootcamp and their new careers as developers.




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