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5th March 2020

Nicola Laing

Coding Fellowship Student: Barney

"It's clear that we are being taught in a way to prepare us for junior developer roles where we will be continuing to code projects and carry on learning." Barney shares his experience of bootcamp.

Barney is lucky enough to discover the tech industry straight from finishing his degree, so will be set up for a stable career early from a very early age.

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What was your background/career before you joined the Coding Bootcamp?

I recently graduated from the University of the West of England with a 1st in Business and Management, which included a year long placement at SAP working in digital business consultancy.

Why did you opt for a Bootcamp straight from University rather than heading into a job?

Overall I wasn’t particularly excited by the job prospects that were available to me as a graduate and had always been interested in the development side of technology and digital business. I felt that entering the tech industry as a business graduate would lead to me being separated from the development side of the industry either by organisational structures or knowledge boundaries.

When you were first considering Bootcamps, what was your vision to where they could propel you in your career say…. 5 years on?

Over the next five years, I expect that my focus will be more on developing my craft and gaining valuable experience on a wide range of projects ahead of any specific career goals. That being said, with a business degree to draw upon I feel I will be uniquely positioned to work in key positions that involve both commercial and development departments of tech organisations.

Now, 4 weeks into the Coding Fellowship, how confident are you that it will equip you with the skills and knowledge to achieve your career aspirations?

In talking to the instructors and seeing how the tasks are structured, it’s clear that we are being taught in a way to prepare us for junior developer roles where we will be continuing to code projects and carry on learning. In this way, I have learnt embrace the fact that I may not know the answers to many of the issues we come across on the course and rather than simply asking the instructors we are encouraged to seek out answers ourselves as we would in an actual developer role.

What was your coding experience before the Course?

I had no professional experience before the course but my own interest in web technologies had lead me to experiment a lot with HTML, CSS and JavaScript using online resources such as Codeademy.

How would you describe your experience so far on the bootcamp?

The course has been taught very well and the lessons are very enjoyable. But the sheer volume of information and constant rhythm of taking on new concepts at a fast pace can be a little bit tiring. I’ve definitely found it important to pace myself and allow myself breaks when I need them.

Some of the days in which we have covered multiple topics have been tiring and sometimes I find it hard to stay concentrated. Fortunately the notes that are provided are excellent so as long as refer back to them I can usually catch-up on anything I may not have fully understood.

How have you found the support on the Bootcamp?

The support has been amazing, not only is there plenty of help provided in the classroom but I always feel that I can go to any of the DevelopMe staff with any issues or concerns I may have. An early example, was when I felt that the pace of some of the HTML and JavaScript lessons weren’t necessarily allowing me to progress my learning. I brought this up and was met with excellent response on how I can slow down my working to write cleaner and better code.

What would you say to someone thinking of attending our Coding Bootcamp in Bristol?

Firstly spend some time coding in your own time before the course to ensure you enjoy it …even when it gets tough. Also, its included in the prep work, but I would definitely recommend getting to grips with basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It has made a massive difference to me in the opening weeks and allows me to understand many of the more advanced concepts that we cover, meaning I can get the most from these 12 weeks.

What role are you looking for after the Bootcamp? Where do you see yourself in the future?

Ideally a full-stack position as I’d like to gain experience in a range of technologies

We have been running Bristol Coding Bootcamps for 5 years and welcome anyone with a learning attitude and a genuine desire to put 100% into their career change. Find out more about our Bootcamp here and get in touch with any queries!


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