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5th March 2020

Nicola Laing

Coding Fellowship Student: Josh

"The teachers are great and really know their stuff and it’s great to be taught a curriculum that is constantly being updated." Josh describes his experience of our coding bootcamp.

Although Josh did enjoy his past career in Media he recognised that stability of the tech industry and the array of opportunity it offers. The bootcamp seemed the logical route for him as he could make the career switch in just a few short months.

Coding Fellowship Student JoshWhat was your background/career before you joined the Coding Fellowship bootcamp?

I previously worked in Media. Originally Radio & TV before moving into Video Production working for a production company producing online viral videos for a range of clients.

When you were first considering bootcamps, what was your vision to where they could propel you in your career say…. 5 years on?

I saw a bootcamp as a fast-track way of propelling myself forward into a totally new career and completely changing my life. I was looking for a change and a new challenge in life and after considering tech as a new career I found DevelopMe and saw how it could literally transform your life in a matter of months!

Why are you attending the Coding Fellowship?

I did enjoy my previous career but after 8 years in media I felt like I wanted a new challenge. I also wanted to go into a career that’s full of progression and offers lots of different opportunities.

The coding fellowship in my opinion is the best way to launch a career in tech. Tech is a super fast moving industry so the fact that the DevelopMe fellowship is only three months long ensures that I have the most up to date knowledge when I’m looking for my first job.

What were your main concerns before enrolling on the bootcamp?

I had a question mainly about the after support you get on the course particularly with getting a job. My main concern was making sure that there was enough support at the end of the teaching in order to get my first job in tech.

How have those fears been dispelled since being on the bootcamp?

I now know that the support on the course means that I will be fully supported in getting a job role after the course with almost two weeks dedicated to interviews and a technical challenge to present to potential employers. It’s also good to know that DevelopMe has a range of companies and employers they work alongside.

What level of coding had you done before the course?

The only experience I had before the course was basic HTML through WordPress. This is what got me interested in coding.

How would you describe your experience so far on the bootcamp?

Although the fellowship has been challenging it has been really enjoyable so far. The teachers are great and really know their stuff and it’s great to be taught a curriculum that is constantly being updated.

I’ve really enjoyed the projects and challenges that we are set, it allows you to put everything you’ve learnt into practice. It’s on the projects and challenges that you realise just how much you’ve learnt even if you don’t realise it.

Tell usc about your Friday 1:1 sessions

There is constant support on the course with a weekly 1 on 1 every Friday. This is a really good way to talk through any concerns and I feel I’m able to talk through anything in these reviews.

DevelopMe have also put on extra study sessions for anyone that needs to go over anything and the TA support is fantastic. I definitely feel I’m able to ask for help whenever I need it.

What would you say to someone thinking of attending our Coding Bootcamp in Bristol?

My advice to anyone thinking of attending the course would be to practice as much as you can with websites such as Codecademy or Free Code Camp. These give you a feel for coding and are a great introduction. There are also some really handy books out there. To anyone who has enrolled, make sure you get as much prep done as you can because it really does help and gives you a head start.

We have been running Bristol Coding Bootcamps for 5 years and welcome anyone with a learning attitude and a genuine desire to put 100% into their career change. Find out more about our Bootcamp here and get in touch with any queries!


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