Moving to remote learning during #Lockdown - Develop Me Training Moving to remote learning during #Lockdown - Develop Me Training


Cohort 15 group

2nd April 2020

Oli Ward

Moving to remote learning during #Lockdown

Thanks to COVID-19, we've temporarily moved out of the classroom and into the world of remote teaching. Here's how we did it.

Acting responsibly to COVID19

Develop Me are making every effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in accordance with Governmental advice and guidance of our public health authorities.

During this time of uncertainty our absolute focus is to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Therefore, effective as from 16th March we have temporarily migrated all ongoing and upcoming classes to a remote learning environment.

Our priority is to ensure all our students receive a top-quality and engaging learning environment; and our courses continue to encourage a tight-knit classroom and hands-on learning experience.

We appreciate this is an uncertain time for us all – so if you have any questions about our programmes please don’t hesitate to contact us on email [email protected]

Here is how we have adapted the learning experience on the Coding Fellowship Bootcamp.

Moving to remote learning

On Tuesday 10th March Develop Me took the decision that Friday 13th would be the final day our students would be coming on site due to the COVID19 pandemic.

Our Curriculum Director Mark reacted quickly to implement the online structure of the full-time Coding Fellowship bootcamp programme. With assistance of Jack, one of our highly skilled teaching assistants;  they rapidly specified the software, content and deployed the tools to put in place our classroom experience – ready to be delivered online for the following week (all except table tennis breaks and pizza nights… but we’re working on that!)

Our student cohort (CF15) were informed that from the following Monday their remaining two weeks of the course would have to be delivered remotely; and they could no longer come into their training space at Paintworks.

It was a bit of a shock after being in the classroom for the past ten weeks but they quickly adapted to the urgent situation.

Read some tips from Josh how he managed the switch to learning at home.

Bringing the classroom to your home

Our current cohort who started their Coding Fellowship Bootcamp last week – have embraced the live online learning with real passion and have really supported this temporary situation.

Daily Bootcamp Schedule

Here is how a typical remote learning day is structured.

9:00am head to your ‘Home classroom’ ? ?

? Start each day at ? 9:30am with a ‘Stand Up’

  • Say hello ?
  • Go through plan and course outline for the day with your instructor
  • Check in with each student – how everyone is feeling, any questions?

? 9:45am Teaching session – ??‍? Lecture + regular ☕️breaks before lunch.

Every day, your lead instructor for the week will invite you to the live lecture on Google Hangouts. All students join live and you are able to ask questions in the remote classroom at any time during the lecture, exactly the same way as you would onsite.

? Tools

For easy real-time communication and code sharing; all students have the Slack application open – with notifications always switched on. Session links, resources, code examples etc. are all posted here for easy access and live feedback.

? 1pm-2pm Lunch ?

Time to refuel, take some exercise perhaps  a walk outside; as it’s always good to take regular screen breaks.

? 2pm-4:45pm ?‍?Coding tasks + ? Project work + with regular ☕️breaks

In the afternoon, instructors will work through coding tasks and use remote whiteboards so they can sketch and share practical tips in real time. Students work on various coding challenges and project tasks which are set to challenge their learning and embed their new skills.

? Tools

Getting the group together for lectures and peer feedback is straightforward using Google Meet sessions. Students join the ‘classroom’ with webcams and microphones. Every course presentation and support ‘hangouts’ are recorded, shared with all students and available online so that you can watch them on demand, This additional resource has already proven really useful for our Coding Fellowship students.

? 4:45pm ? Finish off the day with a `Wash Up` ?

To conclude the day, each student discusses how they’re doing and if they have any concerns and questions. Time is set aside to rectify any technical issues that were encountered.

Wrap up and get ready for next day. ??

Always learning

We pride ourselves on being a learning organisation and will always be improving the delivery of our courses during this lockdown period with regular feedback from our students, instructors and support team.

How you can apply

Our next Coding Fellowship bootcamp starts at the end of June – if you’d like to apply or join us for a taster session – please book here.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact us via [email protected]


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