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24th April 2020

Nicola Laing

Coding Fellowship Student: Avi

"I started to feel my career wasn’t challenging enough and realised it brought me very little satisfaction or pride in what I do, so I decided it needed a dramatic change." Current bootcamp student Avi talks about his career change experience.

Avi has a very different background to many of our students and this is a complete change of career. He is thoroughly enjoying the course and has surprised himself with his brilliant ability to keep up with the pace of an intensive course!

Avi Coding Fellowship StudentWhat was your background/career before you joined the Coding Fellowship bootcamp?

I served in the Israeli army for 5 years as a Combat Infantry Officer and afterwords continued working in the Security industry in a variety of roles, both in New Zealand and the UK for 3.5 years.

Education-wise, I never had the chance to go to Uni so all I have is a high-school graduation certificate.

Why consider a coding bootcamp at this point in your career?

I started to feel my career wasn’t challenging enough and realised it brought me very little satisfaction or pride in what I do, so I decided it needed a dramatic change.

What were your main concerns before enrolling on the bootcamp?

Am I smart enough to finish this course? Will I be good enough to find a job after graduation? Will I enjoy doing this kind of work? (Mainly a lot of self doubt)

How do you feel now?!

So far I think I’m doing pretty well! I’m not the best in class but I’m doing much better than I thought I would. I understand most of the concepts and subjects we are learning and I’m able to put them into practice.

Even though it can be VERY frustrating at times, I still really enjoy the puzzle solving and figuring out how to make things work!

What level of coding had you done before the course?

My only experience with coding before joining Develop Me was a few “code along” HTML and CSS tutorials I watched on Youtube.

How would you describe your experience so far on the bootcamp?

I really like it. The teachers and teaching assistants are very professional and knowledgeable. From my perspective as a student, the fellowship looks like a well designed institute in which every person has its purpose and everyone is doing their job happily and passionately.

Tell us how the remote working situation is for you.

At first I was very concerned about how it will work, or how it will affect my learning but so far I must say I am very pleased with the way it is managed.

I would have loved to be able to have the social aspect of the course, meeting the other students in person and making friends face to face.

On the other hand I don’t need to commute for over an hour, each way, every day. Everything has its pros and cons, so I’m trying to focus on the positive sides of the situation we’re in.

How would you describe the support on the course so far?

Excellent. All of the staff are very supportive, professionally and emotionally.

Even when I have a lot of questions or find it very hard to get my head around a specific subject, the teachers remain calm and supportive and try their best to help me understand.

We have been running Bristol Coding Bootcamps for almost 5 years and welcome anyone with a learning attitude and a genuine desire to put 100% into their career change. Find out more about our Bootcamp here and get in touch with any queries!


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