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4th May 2020

Nicola Laing

Coding Fellowship Student: Richard

"I had got to a point where I had exhausted my knowledge and wanted to get work in the development industry proper." We chatted to Richard, one of our current bootcamp students, about his experiences on the DevelopMe course.

Richard had a strong background in code before enrolling on the Bootcamp – it is interesting for him to cement, update and grow his knowledge as he progresses through the course.

Richard Coding Fellowship Bootcamp StudentWhat was your background/career before you joined the Coding Fellowship bootcamp?

PhD in Linguistics/Phonetics – former lecturer in Linguistics/Phonetics

Why consider a coding bootcamp?

Because I have been working in coding in a self-employed capacity for some time. I have already created online video courses in web development and have worked on projects of my own.

However, I had got to a point where I had exhausted my knowledge and wanted to get work in the development industry proper.

What were your main concerns before enrolling on the bootcamp?

That I would start out as the class expert for a week or two because of my prior knowledge, but quickly fall behind as the gaps in my knowledge were exposed!

How do you feel about those concerns now?

The instructors have been very helpful throughout, patiently answering my questions.

There has been more new material from the very beginning than I expected, and the pace has been quicker than I expected, so I have not been finding it too easy – which is good!

What level of coding had you done before the course?

HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP, jQuery, and AJAX in projects I created for my online video courses.

Some of my work:

How would you describe your experience so far on the bootcamp?

More challenging than I expected for the early weeks, but great fun and I’ve learnt a lot already!

Due to Covid-19 the learning environment is different to what you expected when you enrolled, now you are learning remotely, how are you finding it?

Very good. It’s much better than me than having to move to Bristol for three months – so absolutely no problems in that regard.

What your proudest moment before you joined the course?

Having my daughter!

How would you describe the support on the course so far?

Very good – everyone is kind, they were concerned when I was briefly ill, and have fostered a very supportive atmosphere in which everyone feels they can chip in or ask questions without being judged negatively.

Jack our teaching assistant in particular has been wonderful in stepping in at a moment’s notice and sorting out problems or pointing me in the right direction – and always so calmly!

We have been running Bristol Coding Bootcamps for almost 5 years and welcome anyone with a learning attitude and a genuine desire to put 100% into their career change. Find out more about our Bootcamp here and get in touch with any queries!


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