Getting a job as a Junior Developer during Covid-19 Getting a job as a Junior Developer during Covid-19

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getting a job as a junior developer during Covid-19

28th July 2020

Duncan McKean

Getting a job as a Junior Developer during Covid-19

From bootcamp graduate to web developer at Superdry: I spoke to Ross one of our coding bootcamp graduates about getting a job as a Junior Developer during Covid-19.


How did you feel coming out of a bootcamp during lockdown? 

Coming out of the bootcamp I felt very apprehensive of my job prospects and ease of finding a suitable role.

What approach did you take to finding a role?

I approached finding a role as a full time role. I worked on building my profile with more and more complicated apps that could help demonstrate the skills needed to meet the job requirements.

How did you practice your interview technique? 

I did my research on companies I was interviewing, read blogs/articles and just went for it. The best experience is practical experience. I took notes after each interview and wrote down what went well and what went bad. I also jotted down terms I was unfamiliar with during the interview and looked them up afterwards as to broaden my technical knowledge.

What was the interview process with your hiring company? 

Very similar to most interview processes, an initial culture screening and background conversation. Followed by a technical challenge and a technical interview.

Were you nervous for the interview? How did you combat that? 

Indeed! However, the more I interviewed the more confident I became and weirdly enjoyed them towards the end,  as I enjoyed talking about why I enjoyed coding and wanted to be a part of this industry.

What were your main 5 worries going in as a Junior Dev? 

Support, Technical Knowledge, Project Timings, Expectations of delivery and Speed of work.

How has your time in the role eradicated those worries? 

You quickly learn that most of the worries aren’t needed and with the tools given you could work through most of any issues faced.

What advice would you give to a grad in these uncertain times? 

Keep learning, keep programming and keep networking. Make the most of each day. Finding a role is a full time role, and you need to be keeping track of how you are making the most of each day with either prepping, searching for new roles or working on a new portfolio example. But most importantly, don’t beat yourself up if faced with a dead end, keep going and take the necessary breaks to en-sure you give yourself enough downtime to relax and be refreshed for the next day.

What questions would you ask a potential employer before taking a role as a JD? 

What is the structure of the team, Juniors, Seniors Etc? What does your onboarding process entail? Will I have a mentor/buddy? What are your thoughts on paired programming? How do you review code? What will my first week/month be like?

Are you working from home? What challenges does that present? 

I am while COVID-19 is restricting office working.

Communication- Not being able to pop over to someone’s desk to ask a quick question. Not being able to mingle with my new team- harder to build relationships. Difficult to gauge how the rest of the team works. Clarity on project related issues. 

In one sentence tell us how you feel about your achievement of going from redundancy to career change within 6 months.

Anything is truly possible if you put your mind to it.


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