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28th August 2020

Learning to code – Meet Oliver

Oliver has a BA in Graphic Design which he wasn't using, so learning to code with a Bootcamp meant that he would have a skill set that would open up a huge variety of jobs.

OliverCodingBootcampStudentWhat is the benefit of working in Tech?

I think the opportunity to be able to work with new technologies is very attractive, seeing your work up on the internet and accessible to the rest of the world is very exciting. The more recent developments in remote working as well seem to fit the industry perfectly. So being able to travel and work at the same time is appealing.


Did you have any anxieties about enrolling on a coding bootcamp?

Will there be a job at the end of it is the obvious one!

Am I capable of learning all this information and applying it within 3 months?

Is this the right industry to join? I initially thought that the working culture seemed quite full on but it all seems very friendly and manageable.

Do you still feel that way?

The job market is so large in tech as it is such a big field with different areas to gravitate towards, and it is growing all the time that my fears have been allayed.

I think the way the information has been presented to us on the course in small modules has made it more digestible; and so applying it in has allowed for it to snowball. Learning a lot in a short space of time seems very manageable, at the moment!

What level of coding had you done before the course?

I previously built one website that did work, but now having learned to code to a higher level with some more understanding I can comfortably say it was a mess.

Apart from that one experience no other coding, but I have designed and wireframed some websites as a graphic designer in the past.

OliveronasofaHow are you enjoying the course?

So far it’s very manageable, challenging at times but overall very good. The workload isn’t too much at any given time and the teaching is very good.

How is the LIVE remote learning going?

It’s quite convenient being at home, food and drink is readily accessible!

Not having to commute is great, when the day is over then you’re already home.

How are you finding the support as a coding bootcamp student?

It’s very good. The instructors and teaching assistants know so much, both always have good knowledge of any question asked, and help you work through the problem to get to the answer.

What have you been most proud of before joining the Bootcamp?

Dropping myself on another continent without speaking the language and just working it out from there for 8 months.

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