Work opportunities in tech: Meet Oscar - Develop Me - Coding Bootcamp Work opportunities in tech: Meet Oscar - Develop Me - Coding Bootcamp



3rd September 2020

Work opportunities in tech: Meet Oscar

With a strong background in politics and languages and having taught abroad, Oscar was ready for a career change to something more challenging and creative.

OscaronthemountianWhy did work opportunities in tech cross your mind at this point of your career?

The job I was in was not at all satisfying or enjoyable as I didn’t have any particular interest in the sector I found myself in.

After I found out I had not been successful in my application for PhD funding, I knew it was time for me to take my career in a new direction.

Coding appealed to me due to my background in languages (Spanish and Russian) as well as the opportunity to use problem solving and creative thinking.

It also appealed to me as it opens opportunities to work for a broad range of organisations all across the world.

What was your main ‘concern’ about investing in a bootcamp?

How the course and potential job opportunities afterwards would be affected by the current pandemic.

Oscar in the desertHow has that been addressed?

I have appreciated the honest but encouraging points from the instructors about the state of the current job market.

What level of coding had you done before the course?

Almost none other than some basic Javascript courses I had completed online.

How are you enjoying getting trained ready for work opportunities in tech?

So far I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience of the fellowship – the quality of teaching has been excellent and my cohort are a lovely bunch of people.

Oscar in the sunsetHow is the LIVE remote learning going?

Absolutely great, even prior to the pandemic in my previous position we had a flexible and agile working policy and I often worked from home, so I’m pretty used to that set up.

How are you finding the support as a coding bootcamp student?

Great, whenever I’ve had a question I’ve always received a quick answer and everyone is lovely and supportive.

What have you been most proud of before joining the Bootcamp?

I’m proud of my diverse experience and using this in various different countries and organisations – all this has made me very adventurous, adaptable and open to change.

Also, in my previous work and studies, I was always proud to produce something such as an essay or piece of research that I had enjoyed working on.

We have been helping students to career change to tech for almost 5 years and welcome anyone with a learning attitude and a genuine desire to put 100% into their career change. Find out more about our Bootcamp here and get in touch with any queries!



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