From online coding tutorials to Coding Bootcamp: Meet Tom - Develop Me - Coding Bootcamp From online coding tutorials to Coding Bootcamp: Meet Tom - Develop Me - Coding Bootcamp


Tom coding bootcamp student

22nd September 2020

From online coding tutorials to Coding Bootcamp: Meet Tom

Coding Fellowship Bootcamp student Tom was a copywriter and by working with software developers, he realised it was an area that interested him too.

Tom made the switch from online coding tutorials to coding bootcamp after attending one of our open evenings.

What made you choose the Develop Me Coding Bootcamp?

I attended a Develop Me open evening when I was struggling to fit in my self learning around my job and was impressed with the standard of teaching and the atmosphere in the training space. The promise of a defined learning pathway and interviews with local companies on graduation were major positives.

Tom coding bootcamp studentWas was your main ‘question’ before enrolling?

My employability at the end of the course!

Do you still feel that way?

I’m confident that if I put in the work and take feedback on board, I stand a good chance of breaking into the industry.

What level of coding had you done before the course?

I’ve worked with developers in the past, so have some experience from the other side.

I’d built some very basic pages using HTML, CSS, SQL and PHP and made reasonable progress with JavaScript.

How are you enjoying being a Coding Fellowship student?

I’ve really enjoyed it. I feel stretched, but the support from Instructors and TAs mean nothing feels too overwhelming.

How is the LIVE remote learning going?

I enjoy working remotely. I have more time to commit to studying and I can get on with other stuff in the breaks.

How is the support considering you switched from online coding tutorials to coding bootcamp?

The support has been great. I always feel comfortable asking for extra help if I’m having trouble with something.

What have you been most proud of before joining the Bootcamp?

I wrote a monthly, two-page article for Antique Collecting magazine. It was always exciting to see my writing in print.

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