Retraining in tech: Meet Will - Develop Me - Coding Bootcamp Retraining in tech: Meet Will - Develop Me - Coding Bootcamp



22nd September 2020

Retraining in tech: Meet Will

After a busy year in his career of Theatre and Production, Will felt it was the right time to step back and reassess his work trajectory.

Will was pleased to realise that retraining in tech would enable him to use his creative side.

Why did you consider retraining in tech?

I was involved in the techy side of the theatre and production so knew I would find it interesting and possibly hoped I would be ok at it!

Did you have any anxieties about enrolling on a coding bootcamp?

Will in the theatre before retraining in tech

I was a little anxious that after making all the effort to retrain in tech, that I could end up in a traditional office based role which wouldn’t push my creative side or share my values.

Does your experience on the bootcamp set your mind at rest?

Will with thumbs up in the theatre

The more I learn about tech, the more I see the exciting potential of working in the sector.

From speaking to previous Develop Me graduates in the industry, it is clear they are still so passionate about what they do that it makes me hopeful I can have the same with my future

What level of coding had you done before the course?

I played around making some visual art projects using Processing and P5js.

How are you enjoying the course?

Great – it is very supportive, immersive, challenging and fun.

How are you finding the remote learning situation?

I have actually really enjoyed it, there are many positives to remote working. Of course would love to be able play table tennis on my lunch break or have a beer with the rest of the students!

How are you finding the support whilst retraining in tech?

The instructors and support has been brilliant. I am very happy I chose this course

What achievements outside of the bootcamp are you proud of?

There have been some amazing theatre performances I worked on – including one in the West End! Working in the BOV studio with a piece about extinction was another highlight. We collaborated with Limbic cinema on the visuals and it looked great – plus it was about the environment which is very important to me.

Also, getting a first at Uni was pretty great as school really wasn’t really my thing!


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