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25th September 2020

Physiotherapy to a Job in coding – meet Rohan

Making the jump to working in Tech appealed to Rohan so she could have a job that challenged her. Although initially anxious about what level of maths knowledge was needed, she excelled on the course.

Rohan has a background in hospitality and Physiotherapy and was looking for a career that could further challenge her and give her job satisfaction and a job in coding ticked all of those boxes.

Rohan bootcamp student working towards a job in codingWhat was your main ‘question’ before starting your journey to get a job in coding?

I thought that students would need a strong understanding of maths and wasn’t sure if I would manage – also, whether I could keep up with all the new concepts during the intensive 12 weeks. How easy it would be to get a job was also a big question!


Has the course set your mind at rest?

Yes completely! The tutors are always at hand to answer any questions and even though the learning curve is steep the amount of maths needed is minimal.

Rohan out socially before she gets a job in codingWhat level of coding had you done before the course?

I had not done much – just learning on Codecademy and other sites. I also obviously did the prep work that Develop Me sent over.

How are you enjoying being a full time bootcamp student?

It is challenging whilst at the same time being extremely rewarding – is so satisfying when you resolve a tricky problem.

How is the LIVE remote learning going?

Initially I felt that I would have preferred a face to face situation, but after the first week it felt natural to work remotely.

Being outside the classroom and not physically near the instructors, makes me work harder at solving my problem before asking for help – I’ve been told this is a good skill to have.

How are you finding the support?

The support has been great. I always feel very comfortable talking to the instructors or TA’s about anything.

What have you been most proud of in life?

I’ve diagnosed a few children with some serious conditions which enabled them to get the help they needed.

Our thoughts:

We are very much looking forward to seeing Rohan in her new job in coding and following her progress over the years!

If you are interested in learning to code please get in touch – [email protected] –  We have full and part time courses that will set you up for a job in tech. We give full support and guidance on making that all important transition from finishing the course to gaining your first job role.


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