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11th November 2020

From the Arctic to a Coding Bootcamp – Meet Harry

Ultimately, I want to get to a position where I can work anywhere remotely, giving me freedom to travel. Software Development will allow me to do this!

Harry has a 1st class degree in Physical Geography and a keen interest in all things outdoors, as well as technology.

Harry Head shot

What was your background before joining the bootcamp?

My varied employment background includes, the Environment Agency, HM Land Registry, assistant harbour master, and outdoor instructor. I have often worked abroad, recently spending time working and running a hotel in Morzine, France.

Tell us about your hobbies and interests.

My hobbies and interests are varied. I enjoy learning about new technologies, most recently VR. I spend a lot of my free time cycling, mostly mountain biking. I would describe myself as outgoing and social.

How much coding had you done prior to the bootcamp?

I hadn’t ever coded before enrolling on the bootcamp!

What are you looking to achieve with completing a Coding Bootcamp?

I have been looking forward to moving into coding and am keen to gain skills valued by employers everywhere.

Perhaps working on the agency side will be varied and give me a broad range of skills which will allow me to go freelance in 2-3 years time and work remotely and allow me the freedom to travel.

Harry in the Arctic

What was your main question before starting the course?

Because I had not coded before I was unsure about how I would take to remote learning rather than a classroom setting.

How has your experience set your mind at rest?

I have actually found that remote learning to really suit my learning style. Although the pace of learning is very intense, the way it’s structured and taught makes it very digestible.

Initially I was very against remote learning, however soon found that working from the comfort of your own home is fine. The flexibility it provides is amazing.

The only downside is not being able to lean across and chat with someone / review their code.
Harry on a paddle board

Tell us about your experience on the Coding Fellowship so far?

Really enjoying the fellowship experience. I haven’t been in a learning and development environment for a long time and have found this whole experience so far great. I have fallen in love with learning again. The content covered is relevant and challenging.

How would you describe the support?

The support from lecturers and TA is also fantastic when you do get stuck and as for the community staff and further support, it is top notch and I can’t fault it at any level.

The social aspect is great considering we are all studying remote. Paired programming although not compulsory is a great way to learn with someone else.

Do you have any thoughts on where you might like to work?

Not yet decided on the language – I am excited to start doing some back end and see if that’s something I enjoy.
Maybe I might favour a start-up or possibly an agency? One that has strong ethical methods.

A little about you – What have been your proudest moments?

Getting selected by my University to undertake a study placement at the University Centre in Svalbard. Incredible experience living in one of the most breathtaking environments on the planet, the Arctic.

Also during the bootcamp (so far) I am proud of my ability to learn! I had completely forgotten how important it was to keep learning and develop new skills.

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