A Silver Lining for Tarik - Coding Bootcamp Student - Develop Me - Coding Bootcamp A Silver Lining for Tarik - Coding Bootcamp Student - Develop Me - Coding Bootcamp

Unfortunately, Develop Me is no longer in operation and won't be delivering any more courses going forwards. A huge thank you to all of our students, hiring partners, instructors and mentors that have made the last 5 years such an incredible experience.

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Tarik in a parashooting simulator

12th November 2020

A Silver Lining for Tarik – Coding Bootcamp Student

Tarik was flying high as an airline pilot when Covid-19 hit. Locked down at home he enjoyed more time with his family, exercised when he wanted and was happier and healthier. He quickly realised a career change was needed and tech ticked the boxes.

What was your background before joining the bootcamp?

I was anĀ Tarik in his headsetAirline pilot. I worked extremely hard and invested heavily to become qualified and gave my all to the job. Finally, I felt it was time to move into an industry that values its hard working employees more than I feel airlines do!

What experience of tech did you have before you started?

Well, I have always loved tech, starting with building my own computers. I now own PCs, Macs, iPads, VR headsets etc.

I learnt a little bit of Swift for iOS but decided to go down the software development route when I realised it was the fastest way to get into the industry.

I loved building websites on Wix or Squarespace, but I often found myself limited by my lack of knowledge and skills. By having software development as second nature means I can now remove those obstacles.

Did you have any reservations about enrolling?

I was very worried about the effectiveness of doing a full time course remotely rather than in a classroom setting.

How do you now feel about this after 7 weeks as a Coding Bootcamp student?

The interactive nature of the lessons and ongoing support from instructors and teaching assistants, has shown there was nothing to worry about.

In fact although challenging, the format of the course has made remote learning almost a non-factor as it feels as effective as being in the classroom. Actually sometimes it’s even better, as the commute has been reduced to a lazy stroll into the home office!

What are you looking to achieve once you graduate?

I’d love to see if I can get into a sector where I’m working on the platforms I have played around with in the past.

Tarik in a parashooting simulatorAn additional bonus will be having a career I can do from home and spend time with my family which will be a huge improvement to my lifestyle. I have been able to spend lots of time at home during the enforced downtime of COVID and more of the same will have a really positive impact on my health of mind.

Tell us about your experience on the bootcamp so far?

The experience has been very engaging. The instructors all have a wealth of knowledge and experience I wouldn’t have been able to access any other way.

How would you describe the support?

The support system is adapted to each individual, incredibly thorough and there’s a strong sense of cohesion amongst not just the students, but between the students and staff.

It prepares us not just for the coding part of being a software developer, but also vital aspects like teamwork in a tech environment, best practices, discussing projects, interview preparation, and more.

Tarik in the cockpitHave you thought about what areas of the industry you would like to work in?

At this point there are so many potential options it’s both very exciting, and difficult to choose. A role in a software development agency sounds varied and engaging. However the prospect of working for companies that focus on making the world a better place is something I’m very much interested in.

A little about you – what’s your proudest achievement!

I’m very proud to have had the chance to be an airline pilot. It is something few ever have the chance to experience. It has taught me everything about working with people, workload management, and task prioritisation. I also got to fly a 240 passenger airplane every day, which was pretty awesome!

We have been helping students change careers into Tech for over 5 years. In April 2021 we are launching a part time version of our bootcamp which you can read more about here and more about the full time course here. Questions? you will get a quick response by emailing us as [email protected]


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