Career changing to Green Tech - Meet Victoria - Develop Me - Coding Bootcamp Career changing to Green Tech - Meet Victoria - Develop Me - Coding Bootcamp

Unfortunately, Develop Me is no longer in operation and won't be delivering any more courses going forwards. A huge thank you to all of our students, hiring partners, instructors and mentors that have made the last 5 years such an incredible experience.

If you're a company looking to hire developers then we may still be able to put you in touch with our alumni community, so please get in touch at [email protected]


Victoria in the mountians

18th November 2020

Career changing to Green Tech – Meet Victoria

As a nature lover, Victoria is delighted her new development skills can be used in a career with a company who strives to make positive global advances.

What was your background before joining the bootcamp?

A biology graduate with experience in the educational charity sector and kitchens across London. I spent most of 2019 travelling.

Victoria with ducksWhat are your hobbies and interests?

I am a huge lover of nature (especially frogs and ducks!).

I am on a continuous quest to learn more of the Spanish language, love writing short stories and designing and making funky clothes.

Although I don’t get to do it that often, I absolutely love diving and experiencing the oddities beneath the water’s surface.

How much coding has you done before you started the bootcamp?

I was at the early stages of HTML, CSS, Python and JS.

What are you looking to achieve from completing a Coding Bootcamp?

Lockdown introduced me to coding and I am now looking to secure a future in the ever-fascinating world of tech, as it not only opens such a diversity of doors, but can pave the way to meaningful global advances.

To make my mark in this exciting, high-octane industry would bring me not only satisfaction but a great deal of enjoyment.

I am also hoping that I will be able to use my knowledge to be a part of worthy and ethical causes.

Did you have any reservations before starting the course?

When reading the course curriculum, I wondered if there would be enough spare room in my brain for all of these mysterious concepts and words – but it seems to be going pretty well so far!

I created an ideal set up for the bootcamp prior to starting, which involved relocating my sewing machine away from my desk and finding a bargain second monitor on the internet, among other things. Taking the time to create this space made me feel a lot more prepared.

How has your experience set your mind at rest?

The excellent, engaging and varied teaching on the bootcamp is ensuring that I’m not only absorbing the formerly mysterious concepts and words, but really getting to grips with them. It’s surreal at the end of each week to reflect and realise just how much information I’ve not only learned, but then also applied accurately throughout challenges, projects, and presentations of my code to the rest of the lovely cohort.

Tell us about your experience on the bootcamp so far?

This can be summarised by the fact that I look forward to logging onto the bootcamp channel each morning. The sense of community, although we are currently limited to the pixel realms, is brilliant and continuously growing.

It’s obvious that the high-quality curriculum has and continues to be crafted to ensure it reflects the forefront of the industry. The passion of every single instructor and teaching assistant is not only inspiring myself and the other students to flourish but also to get excited about a future in tech.

Victoria on the rocksHow are you finding remote teaching?

Remote learning has been going well. It’s great to be able to study from home in my big fluffy socks and have access to the fridge all day.
That being said, I do very much look forward to meeting the rest of Cohort 18 and the Develop Me team in person someday!

How would you describe the support?

The support has been wonderful. With a dedicated help channel in Slack, advice is only ever a hand emoji away. The instructors and teaching assistants are super approachable and thorough, and I always leave a ‘help’ video call feeling clearer and able to continue.

I really enjoy the weekly one-to-ones as a chance to have a chat with different team members of Develop Me. It also creates the space for me to reflect upon and discuss my experience of the bootcamp.

Do you have an idea of the industry you might be interested in working within?

I love the idea of utilising tech for good, and can see myself within the green tech sector. I work well when inspired, so an organisation proving themselves as pioneers within their area of tech would be amazing.

What achievements are you most proud of? 

Last year, I cycled 750 miles around rural Japan. This was one of the most special experiences of my life to date.

Victoria in JapanPerforming poetry in the Wills Memorial Building Great Hall as part of the chancellor’s inauguration at the University of Bristol, which was pretty nuts!

As for the bootcamp, the sheer volume of information I am absorbing and thriving on is something I’m continuously proud of. It feels amazing to be pushing myself intellectually, and to know that this time next week I’ll know a lot more than I do now!

We have been helping students change careers into Tech for over 5 years. In April 2021 we are launching a part time version of our bootcamp which you can read more about here and more about the full time course here. Questions? you will get a quick response by emailing us as [email protected]


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