From marketing to software development - Meet Ellie From marketing to software development - Meet Ellie


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12th January 2021

From marketing to software development – Meet Ellie

From video game marketing to full stack software developer, Ellie reflects on the course and what it means for her future.

Did you have any concerns about making this career change?

Truth be told, I was a bit nervous about leaving my job in the middle of a pandemic when the jobs market isn’t what it could be. It’s also quite scary to change direction so drastically! Prior to the course, I was working in a video games marketing agency as a writer, and I wasn’t sure how well the two fields of writing and coding would match up, but actually it seems that there’s a lot of overlap.

How has your experience on the Coding Fellowship answered those concerns?

I don’t regret changing direction at all. It’s been really great for me to stretch my brain again, I’ve learned so much more than I was expecting, and I do feel that my CV’s had a major boost. I’m sure that what I’ve learned on the course would open a lot of new doors in my former job field too.

Describe your Coding Bootcamp experience so far?

The community is great! My coursemates are all incredibly lovely people and it’s amazing to get to meet and work with people from so many different backgrounds. The lecturers and TAs are amazing, and I’ve never felt for a minute that I was irretrievably out of my depth. What’s also interesting is that I’ve found the back-end side of things a lot more accessible than I’d expected to. I had an idea before I began that I’d probably want to end up in front-end development, and while I’m definitely still leaning that way, I’m really glad that I have the skills to understand and work with the back-end too.

How are you finding remote learning?

I’ve actually really enjoyed it! Maybe it took us a bit longer to break the ice initially than it might have done if we were there in person, but that didn’t take long to resolve itself. I’m really looking forward to meeting all my coursemates in person one day. Also, not having to commute more than a few metres a day is a nice luxury… and we get deliveries of snacks too. What more could you ask for?

How would you describe the support on the Fellowship?

Really, really good. Being able to just stick your hand up in the Slack channel and get some reassurance and a nudge in the right direction is an absolute godsend. The lecturers and TAs are all brilliant, and pairing up with my coursemates to figure out some of the trickier bits together has been amazing too.

Have you had thoughts about the kind of organisation you might like to work with?

I’m pretty open to anything! My main priority is doing something creative with my job, and I’m currently leaning towards front-end and design anyway. The specific industry doesn’t really matter to me, as long as I get to keep stretching my brain, learning new things, and working with other creative people.

Coming from a creative agency background, I’m really keen to go back to working in a similarly lively and creative environment. A smaller company might also be fun, simply because I’d probably get to try my hand at more things. I’m the sort of person who has a million hobbies and wants to try everything!

What achievements are you most proud of? (both pre-bootcamp and during)

Prior to the course, I think I’m proudest of the fact that I’ve both studied and worked in Japan. I came away with a ton of amazing memories and experiences (like ceramics classes with a 12th generation pottery master) and I can’t wait to be able to travel the world again. Next stop is Norway! During the course, I think the sheer amount of progress I’ve made in such a short space of time is definitely something to be proud of. Before joining DevelopMe, I’d studied HTML and CSS to a basic level thanks to evening college courses, but never in enough depth to be able to make anything exactly resemble my designs. Now I’ve reached the point where I can make an app or a website from scratch that not only looks exactly how I imagined it, but it also… you know, actually does stuff. Which is beyond cool.

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