From Customer Service to Coding: How Alys launched her career in tech with Develop Me - Develop Me - Coding Bootcamp From Customer Service to Coding: How Alys launched her career in tech with Develop Me - Develop Me - Coding Bootcamp

Unfortunately, Develop Me is no longer in operation and won't be delivering any more courses going forwards. A huge thank you to all of our students, hiring partners, instructors and mentors that have made the last 5 years such an incredible experience.

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Alys coding bootcamp graduate

8th February 2021

Sara New

From Customer Service to Coding: How Alys launched her career in tech with Develop Me

Watching her partner work on exciting tech projects sparked Alys' excitement to launch her career in Tech. She's now been a Software Developer for over a year and absolutely loves it!

95% of Develop Me Coding Bootcamp grads secure their first role in tech within 3 months. We caught up with bootcamp graduate Alys to find out how she went from complete coding beginner working in customer services, to her first role as a professional software developer.

A desire for change

Just 12 months before starting the Develop Me Coding Bootcamp, Alys had no real concept of what coding was, let alone any experience in the tech sector. So what led her to take such a bold step in investing in a Coding Bootcamp to join a new industry? For Alys, research and reviews were key, and despite real apprehension before starting the course, she couldn’t be happier in her new career with one of our hiring partners, Goram & Vincent.

“I’m thankful I took the jump and did the bootcamp, it really has changed my life in lots of ways.” Alys

After hearing her boyfriend talk about the exciting tech projects he was working on in digital radio, Alys was intrigued and started looking at the variety of roles available in the tech sector and the best routes to get there. Coding Bootcamps offered the quickest and cheapest route into a career change. After attending several taster sessions for a range of our courses, as well as reading pages of reviews from a range of Coding Bootcamps, she was ready to take the leap.

The Develop Me approach

With so many providers now offering Coding Bootcamps, it’s crucial to find one that will not only suit your style of learning, but support you as you move from Bootcamp graduate to Junior Developer and beyond. At Develop Me we focus on practical, hands-on learning, using instructors at the top of their game to give you the most industry relevant and in-demand skill set. We’ve been immersed in Bristol’s dynamic tech scene for many years, so we have a fantastic network of mentors, alumni and hiring partners ready to help you as you progress in your tech career. We support all graduates not just with their first roles, but with any subsequent career moves thanks to our in-house career support team.

“The tech industry feels like an exciting place to be right now, especially in Bristol – there’s an excellent tech community and I have met so many people since I started coding.” Alys

A whole new career

Since joining Goram & Vincent, Alys hasn’t looked back. Whether she’s developing new features, fixing bugs, providing support or deploying new work, each day offers more chances to learn and grow as a developer, surrounded by a supportive team. Although some might feel daunted by making such a big career-change, particularly at a time of economic uncertainty, the resilience of the tech sector has been proven this year. As more businesses seek to change rapidly and respond to new challenges, tech is providing the solutions, the demand for Full-stack Developers tripled between 2015 and 2018 alone and recent data from Tech Nation highlighted that, pre-Covid-19, the tech sector was growing six times faster than the rest of the economy with predictions suggesting that by 2030, 50% of the UK economy will be in the digital, tech and creative industries.. (Tech Nation 2020 Report)

“I’m feeling very content in my career for the first time! It’s great to be doing something I both enjoy, and am good at.” Alys

From bootcamp to employment – the importance of partners

Our established partnerships with tech companies in and around the South West allow us to match-make our graduates with the right opportunities. Goram & Vincent are a great example of a company which has experienced major growth over the four years we’ve worked closely with them, helped in part by the seven Develop Me grads they’ve hired so far. They appreciate not only the skills our graduates gain from our bootcamp, but also the experiences they bring from their previous careers. In turn, they offer a collaborative, supportive and nurturing environment for recent graduates. As an e-Commerce agency with global clients, our graduates at Goram & Vincent work with best-in-class brands on really exciting projects. You can read more about why they love hiring our graduates here.

“We now see the course as a critical part of our long-term recruitment strategy and we plan to work ever more closely with the Develop Me team going forward.” Goram & Vincent

Thinking of taking the first step?

So whether you’re totally new to coding, a happy amateur or currently working in a similar field, we can provide the tailored instruction you need to successfully launch your tech career. Our free taster sessions allow you to see if this is the right route for you, risk free. With the freedom to learn, and work, remotely either full-time or part-time, now could be the perfect time to future-proof your career. From physiotherapists to conductors, teachers to puppet wranglers, scientists to musicians, we’ve helped people from a huge variety of backgrounds, experience levels and ages: there’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ Coding Bootcamp student!

If you are wondering whether a Coding Bootcamp could be your route to a dream career, feel free to book a free taster session, read our student reviews and stories or organise to speak to one of the Develop Me team.


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