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Coding bootcamp student Will

17th March 2021

Pete New

Student Profile: Will

My experience has been remarkable, I never thought that I could have got so much out of a course.

Did you have any questions /concerns before joining the Fellowship?

Before the Fellowship I was concerned was regarding the remote learning aspect. I was worried that I would not be getting sufficient help and attention that I thought would have improved if we were in a classroom.

How has your experience on the Fellowship answered those questions / concerns?

The concern I had quickly vanished when I started the course as I was very impressed with the way the course was run, facing the obstacles of remote learning. There was never a time in which I felt like I was not getting the help I needed, and I felt like I was never overlooked or forgotten about. This was due to the amazing teachers and assistants that quickly attended to my learning needs whenever I asked, and constantly checked in on me if they hadn’t heard from me in a while.

Describe your Coding Fellowship experience so far? (Teaching, curriculum, community…)

My experience has been remarkable, I never thought that I could have got so much out of a course. The Teaching has been outstanding with such knowledgeable and patient personnel. The curriculum has been challenging but so beneficial in terms of understanding a topic completely. The community that has been introduced to me reiterates my thoughts about how warm and welcome people are and they really do want to help everyone out.

How are you finding remote learning?

Remote learning has been very enjoyable. I thought we would be lacking the social aspect of a classroom learning environment, but with regular chats with everyone in the morning and evening I haven’t noticed as much as I predicted. The only drawback is how close and convenient the fridge is to my place of work!

How would you describe the support on the Fellowship?

The support has been really amazing. In the lectures there are always opportunities for questions and help is normally instant when asking for it, which is remarkable in a online environment. Even when I have been quiet the teaching team have sent me messages making sure I’m alright, making me feel very comfortable if I ever need to say if I’m struggling with something on the course.

Have you had thoughts about what aspect of Software Development you may like to specialise in?

Throughout the course I have enjoyed every aspect and every language I have learnt. This means for me I am pretty open to anything! I think at the moment my preference is front-end development due to the creative opportunities. I also love how it’s ever changing and updating, constantly being challenged to learn and adapt to new ways of coding to produce a more efficient outcome.

Which kind of organisation might you like to work with?

The organisation doesn’t matter to me as much, I just want to keep learning, expanding my knowledge and become a better programmer! I would love to be part of a team that would work together to make some amazing projects that I would look back and be proud of!

What achievements are you most proud of? (both pre-bootcamp and during)

Pre-Bootcamp I am proud to have taken part in various fitness challenges to raise money for an important charity that has affected my close friends families. One of my favourite achievements, due to me being such a massive sports fan, was representing my county football team for a period. During the course there has also been a lot to be proud of, small moments such as small concepts of a topic finally clicking, or building a Laravel app. I look forward to creating React applications at the end of the course and making something I enjoy and look fondly back upon.


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