Unfortunately, Develop Me is no longer in operation and won't be delivering any more courses going forwards. A huge thank you to all of our students, hiring partners, instructors and mentors that have made the last 5 years such an incredible experience.

If you're a company looking to hire developers then we may still be able to put you in touch with our alumni community, so please get in touch at [email protected]

General Questions

The minimum age for all our courses is 18 years old.

Absolutely! Our training space is located on the ground floor at Paintworks in Bristol to provide easy access and complies with wheelchair access regulations UK.

We have been running our courses in a Live Remote environment since the 16th of March 2020 and the vast majority of our students have said it works brilliantly for them.

We have worked hard to make sure all of the best aspects of our courses are still in place, and have successfully transferred to an online setting.

The live remote classroom requires you to be at your computer with access to your webcam and microphone throughout all the teaching hours stated for the course. We run a mixture of live lectures with our expert instructors, morning stand-ups, group projects, live coding, code reviews, pair programming, independent work and end of day wash-ups throughout the teaching hours.

You have allocated break times, however, the commitment is identical in an in-person classroom experience except you are at home.

So, Yes, all our courses are still running as planned, just in our live remote environment instead of onsite at Paintworks.

Coding Fellowship Bootcamp

The core hours are 09:30 – 17:30, Monday to Friday.

In addition, you will spend some evenings studying, meeting your mentor, attending meetups or hack nights (of which there are many in Bristol & Bath), or working on projects. Most cohorts organise weekend study sessions as they go through the programme too, these are a great way to cement any learnings from the previous weeks.

Generally you can expect to spend around 50-60 hours per week learning to code during the 12 week bootcamp element of the programme.

We get a wide variety of people enrolling on the Fellowship. The one thing that ties everyone together is a clear motivation and interest in a career in tech. If you’re looking for a fast route into the industry and are willing to work hard to get there, the Fellowship is for you.

No. We believe in ‘real world’ commercial skills over ‘fixed knowledge’ qualifications.

There is no ideal background for a successful student on the Coding Fellowship.

Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds: we have people coming to us as an alternative to going to university; recent graduates, and career changers from every industry (artists, teachers, nurses, marketeers, beer brewers, musicians, software testers, engineers, and designers to name a few).

The most important thing is that you have a proactive learning attitude and are determined to work hard throughout the 16 weeks and commit to doing the preparation course in its entirety beforehand.

Qualifications are not important, however, coding can be complex and frustrating at times, so it suits people who enjoy problem solving and figuring out how things work.
There will be times over the course when you feel out of your depth – you need to be ok with this!

No. An inquisitive mind, thirst for learning and interest in problem solving are the key attributes we look for in applicants to the Fellowship. We have had many students come to us with no prior knowledge of coding. There is a comprehensive pre-course that teaches students the core fundamentals of coding before they start the 12 week intensive element of the programme. This pre-course is more than sufficient on its own, but any additional learning beforehand is of course a bonus.

Many of our students come to us after a period spent trying to learn to code on their own. Going this route people often struggle with the lack of structure, direction, support, and motivation to get to the level they need to be in order to secure that first role as a developer. If this sounds like you then you will be in very good company on the Coding Fellowship. Even if you have a solid grounding in the fundamentals, the programme is structured in such a way that there is always something more advanced to learn, we have even had professional developers come and take the course as a route to updating their knowledge and skills.

The curriculum is constantly updated to remain relevant and to keep up with advances and changes in the industry. This often leads to our graduates having more up to date knowledge than many of their co-workers when they get started in their first roles.

Get in touch to discuss your specific experience and where you would like to be in the future. We have in house specialists who can assess your situation and determine whether the Fellowship is right for you. Pop down for a coffee – we’re very happy to chat!


You are expected to complete 60+ hours of pre-course preparation work before the start of the onsite bootcamp. This is completed from home and during fortnightly evening study sessions on site with us. These sessions are supported by one of the Develop Me teaching team and a course graduate. The pre-course is enough on its own to get you ready to make the most of the onsite element of the programme.

We also give you recommended reading and a number of external free resources to access.

There are a lot of opportunities for collaborative working on the Coding Fellowship. The course is heavily practical with many projects and challenges undertaken throughout. Some of these are independent, others are in pairs or small teams. This mixture of approaches help students to develop the skills, tools, processes, and workflows needed to work as part of a real world development team.

We teach JavaScript and PHP as our core programming languages. We focus on full stack development for a number of reasons:

  • Doing so opens up more job opportunities for our graduates
  • Even if a student goes on to specialise on front-end or back-end an understanding of how the other side is built makes for a better developer

In addition to this having learnt two programming languages and seen the similarities and differences between them, our students are really well equipped to pick up additional or alternative languages in their new careers.

We teach our students a strong foundation in the most important skills and tools required in industry.

Our curriculum is constantly under review. We have a dedicated Curriculum Director who is in charge of keeping the course and curriculum as up to date and effective as possible.

The course is structured to not only teach you the specific tools of the trade but also how to learn new technologies, approaches, and processes so that you are well positioned to go on learning new tech after graduation.

We have a two stage application process to make sure that studying with us is going to help you to achieve your goals.

Stage 1: Coding Challenge

This is so we can test your aptitude for learning and problem solving, but also your attitude toward undertaking a challenge. This is completed at home and we provide guidance and support, so this isn’t as scary as it might sound!

Stage 2: Interview

Then we have an informal interview with you to talk through the challenge, your background and aspirations, and make sure you have all of the information you need about us and the course.

If both of these stages go well you will receive an offer of a place on the Coding Fellowship. The offer is valid for 30 days.

The tech community in Bristol is incredible!

We’re very lucky to be part of such a vibrant and welcoming tech hub.

There is a wealth of regular meetups, talk nights, hack nights, conferences, and digital festivals.

We encourage our students to attend as many of these as possible to get immersed in the community and meet potential future employers, as well as for additional learning!


Bristol and Bath is the largest digital hub outside of London and known as a leader in the digital industries with a huge number of tech, digital and creative businesses.

We have a network of 50+ hiring companies who regularly hire graduates from us. This is ever growing! We’ve seen demand for our graduates (and developers generally) grow immensely since we started out.

We set you up with multiple interviews from our network of over 50 hiring partners. We coach you in interview skills and fully support you in this process.

98% of our graduates are employed in a development role within 6 months of graduation (this is 96% within 4 months). 88% of graduates are in work within 2 months with an opportunity arranged as part of the Coding Fellowship..

The demand for developers is growing as industry expands and education struggles to keep up with the requirements. It is a very good time to be learning these skills!

We give you an extremely strong base in the different languages, tools, and techniques that you will need in industry – and the skills to build on these as you progress as a developer. The curriculum has evolved, and been refined constantly, since we started delivering the programme in 2016.

You are taught by people who are experts in their fields and are extremely knowledgeable and supportive. We have a rigorous support system in place and are there for you every step of the way.

We have multiple ways of continuously monitoring and assessing student progress on the course. If we are concerned about someone’s progress we will flag this early and put things in place to help these individuals to overcome their blockers. This might be in the form of additional tutoring or support, or come in the form of some additional learning resources or challenges to help cement certain concepts.

In addition to all of this, we line you up with an industry mentor who brings an additional level of support on the programme and helps you to make the transition into your new career.

Over 100 people have now made the successful transition into the industry directly as a result of the Coding Fellowship.

Yes, absolutely. We have had this happen a number of times. The application and payment process is the same so just get in touch and we can get that started.

Coding Fellowship Bootcamp



Full-time | 16 weeks

Accelerated career change

Full-time Coding Bootcamp


Part-time | 52 weeks

Flexible career change

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