Unfortunately, Develop Me is no longer in operation and won't be delivering any more courses going forwards. A huge thank you to all of our students, hiring partners, instructors and mentors that have made the last 5 years such an incredible experience.

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Key Features


Full stack programme

Learn front & back-end development for more job options and better pay


Expert Teachers

Teaching and support from industry experienced instructors


Continuously refined curriculum

Our highly effective curriculum is continually updated


Career Coaching

Dedicated career coaching and support incl. a series of workshops to help prepare you to kickstart your new career in tech


Flexible Learning

Fit the course around your commitments by combining structured sessions and flexible learning

Course Overview

Coding Fellowship Bootcamp – Part-time

A comprehensive, expert led course in software engineering using the web stack, completed part-time over 52 weeks. You’ll get to grips with all the technologies, tools, processes and skills you need to embark on a career as a Software Developer – whilst putting together a portfolio of real world project work and making some great contacts along the way.

With expert coaching, a highly refined and thoroughly tested curriculum, world class learning resources, a mentoring programme and dedicated career support you can now make that career change to tech around your other commitments.

There is a pre-course, completed in your own time, that helps you come fully prepared to make the most of your time on the core programme.

All of this will put you in the perfect position to land a job as a developer after graduation.

Have a look at what our students say.


52 weeks + 4-6 week pre-course



Price: £9,450

£8,950 when paid in advance

Upcoming cohorts:

September 27th 2021

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Weekly Schedule

Course Details

We get a wide variety of people enrolling on the Fellowship. The one thing that ties everyone together is a clear motivation and interest in a career in tech. If you’re looking for a route into the industry and are willing to work hard to get there, the Fellowship is for you.

The part-time schedule of this programme makes it ideal for people who want to change career but maybe can’t afford to leave their current job to jump into our full-time intensive programme or who have other commitments that make the intensive nature of our full-time programme impossible.

Take a look at our student testimonials to see some of the backgrounds our students had before joining us and where they ended up after graduation.

Our immersive coding bootcamp equips you with a solid and well rounded skill base, enabling you to enter the industry as a Software or Web Developer immediately from graduation.

– Create beautiful front-end components

– Pick apart a design and build it in code

– Solve real-world problems with programming

– Work with, and integrate, external APIs

– Design and build your own APIs

– Write clean, maintainable and well tested code

– Build complex, robust and scalable web apps

– Work effectively as part of a development team

– Clearly communicate complex technical problems / solutions

– Develop a thorough logical problem solving process

– Refine a development workflow

– Plan, architect and build entire projects independently and as part of development teams

The software development industry moves fast, so our curriculum is crafted around giving you exposure to not only current technologies but also the concepts that underlie them. We have a dedicated member of our team who keeps the curriculum bang up to date with the latest technologies.

Module 1 + 2: HTML & CSS

The course begins by learning HTML and CSS. You’ll learn how to write modern semantic HTML and pickup the latest CSS techniques. You’ll also become familiar with using a text editor, UX fundamentals, accessibility, getting a website online, and planning and structuring the content. By the end of these two modules you’ll be able to plan and create a beautiful website from scratch.

Module 3: Programming Fundamentals with JavaScript

This module focuses on programming fundamentals: those things which all programming languages have in common. We’ll be using JavaScript to do this, but the lessons you’ll learn will be much more widely applicable. You’ll learn about types, variables, functions, data structures, and much more. Once the module is over you’ll be able to learn new programming languages with ease.

Module 4: JavaScript in the Browser with the DOM

This module teaches you how to add interactivity to a website using JavaScript. You can do a lot with just HTML & CSS, but if you want your website to be truly interactive you’ll need to use JavaScript. You’ll learn about the DOM (Document Object Model) and how to use it to add functionality to any website. You’ll also learn about event-driven programming: a key concept for any interactive system. By the end of this module you’ll know everything you need to create a fully interactive website from scratch.

Module 5: Tooling with Git, npm & Gulp

If you can, it’s better to let your computer do the hard work for you. In this module we’ll look at version management using Git and GitHub so that you can collaborate on large codebases with other people easily. You’ll also learn about build tools such as Gulp and npm. By the end of this module you’ll be able to work easily with teams anywhere in the world, and save yourself time by automating repetitive development tasks.

Module 6: Object-Oriented Programming with PHP

This module focuses on the core concepts of Object-Oriented Programming – probably the most popular way to write software. We’ll start this module by learning modern PHP. Then we’ll look at how to write a complex application using OOP principles.

Module 7 & 8: Server-Side Web Apps with Laravel

In these modules you’ll learn Laravel, one of the most popular server-side frameworks out there. You’ll cover everything from MySQL, database migrations, templating languages, and APIs; to deployment on AWS with Capistrano. By the end of these modules you’ll be able to write a server-side web app with its own API.

Modules 9 & 10: Building UIs with React

If you want to build a modern web app you’ll need some way of easily building up complex user interfaces. That’s exactly what React – the most popular front-end UI library in the world – is designed for. By the end of these modules you will be building complex user interface components with ease.

Module 11: State Management with Redux

Building complex apps is hard. In this module we’ll look at application architecture and how to build an app of any complexity: by keeping things simple. We’ll use Redux with React, to build a web app that can be scaled-up in functionality without becoming difficult to work with. This is the final piece in the jigsaw of becoming a Software Developer. By the end of the module you’ll know everything you need to build a modern web app of any complexity.

Module 12: Project – Build an App in a week

In the final module of the course you’ll work in a team to create a complete web app from scratch. You’ll decide what to build and how to build it. This will bring together everything you’ve learnt over the course to build a fully functioning app from the planning phase through to launch.

Our instructors are all specialists in their fields and actively work in industry as professional Software Engineers and Web Developers.

This experience and continued participation in their respective sectors allow our instructors to remain up to date with their skills, and accordingly what they pass on to you remains current and highly relevant.

Years of industry experience means our bootcamp instructors have seen it all. Having them on hand is incredibly valuable for people just starting out in  coding careers.

You can find bios of our instructors here


The Part-time Coding Fellowship Bootcamp offers a more flexible approach to learning than our intensive full-time programme, however it does still require a big commitment from our students. In order to learn everything you need, to head straight into industry upon graduation, you will have to put a lot of time and effort in.

You can expect to be in a LIVE, real-time, learning environment logged on from home, at least 2 evenings a week with other optional sessions available throughout the week. Outside of these mandatory sessions you will be expected to spend a minimum of 8 hours a week working through challenges and lectures at your own pace. There is dedicated support available from our coaches every week day so you’ll never be stuck on a challenge, project or tricky concept, for long.

Our success depends on your success – we’ll teach and support you in every way we can, but you will need to play your part too. If you invest in the course programme and make the most of all the opportunities we provide you will join a thriving community of students, alumni, coaches and mentors who all want to help you to succeed in your career change ambitions. There will be lots of collaboration, group projects, pair programming, collective code reviews and group tutorials. These social and collaborative elements of the programme are crucial factors in your journey. Learning how to work with other developers and as part of a development team are hugely important skills for joining established teams when you graduate.

We have a dedicated Career Coach who delivers a series of presentations and workshops that give you all the help, guidance, advice and confidence you will need to start your new career within the tech industry.

These career coaching sessions include:

  • Mock technical interviews
  • CV and cover letter workshops
  • Portfolio development advice and critiquing
  • Project and time management workshops
  • Graphic design and UX skills
  • Personal brand management
  • Social media techniques including Linkedin, Github & Twitter
  • Imposter syndrome and how to deal with it
  • Online and offline networking guidance
  • Talks from industry leaders, graduates and mentors
  • Ongoing career support (we have helped our alumni into their 2nd, 3rd, 4th…roles)
  • And more…

Hear what some of our hiring partners say about our bootcamp graduates.

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Students build many interesting and incredible websites and apps throughout their time on the course. Here are just a few examples of what students have created during the Fellowship.





Teacher to Founder + Tech Lead

"The instructors included some of the most clear thinking and smart people I’ve ever encountered. Most impressively, the level of support that each of us received was of a quality that I’ve not experienced in education before."

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Legal Intern to Software Engineer

Ellie Coding Fellowship Student

"I would never have dreamed that I could go from knowing virtually nothing about coding to getting a job as a junior developer the week after the course finished!"

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Surveyor to Web Developer

Arthur Bristol Coding Bootcamp Student

"The fellowship has definitely been a life-changing experience and I recommend it to anyone looking to make a career-switch into the world of web development!"

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