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Legal Intern to Software Engineer

Ellie Coding Fellowship Student

"I would never have dreamed that I could go from knowing virtually nothing about coding to getting a job as a junior developer the week after the course finished!"

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Teacher to Founder + Tech Lead

"The instructors included some of the most clear thinking and smart people I’ve ever encountered. Most impressively, the level of support that each of us received was of a quality that I’ve not experienced in education before."

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Hospitality to Software Engineer

"I can honestly say that it would have taken me years to learn what I learned in this 12 week programme! Working in a setting where you can ask and get immediate answers, and being surrounded by people who are just as motivated as you are to learn is invaluable."

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Coding Fellowship Bootcamp



Full-time | 16 weeks

Accelerated career change

Full-time Coding Bootcamp


Part-time | 52 weeks

Flexible career change

Part-time Coding Bootcamp
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