Unfortunately, Develop Me is no longer in operation and won't be delivering any more courses going forwards. A huge thank you to all of our students, hiring partners, instructors and mentors that have made the last 5 years such an incredible experience.

If you're a company looking to hire developers then we may still be able to put you in touch with our alumni community, so please get in touch at [email protected]

Student Testimonials


Legal Intern to Software Engineer

Ellie Coding Fellowship Student

"I would never have dreamed that I could go from knowing virtually nothing about coding to getting a job as a junior developer the week after the course finished!"

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Flight Attendant to Web Developer

Laura Bristol Coding Bootcamp Student

"Right after finishing, they got me four interviews and sent me the details of a 5th company, in which I've got an interview by showing them the projects I'd built during the course. So 5 interviews in total, which resulted in 2 job offers. I couldn't believe it!"

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Marketing Manager to Front End Developer

"After the course I was offered a permanent position by a company, thus completing my transition to a professional web developer, even seeing off competition for the role from recent university graduates with computer science degrees!"

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Sales Coach to Software Developer + Instructor

Kye Coding Bootcamp Graduate now instructor

"In the end I had 3 job offers out of 4. Develop Me displayed the ultimate show of faith in their Coding Bootcamp programme by offering me a Developer/Teaching Assistant role. I'm now 2 weeks into my job there and it has to be said that this is the best decision I've made."

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Hospitality to Software Engineer

"I can honestly say that it would have taken me years to learn what I learned in this 12 week programme! Working in a setting where you can ask and get immediate answers, and being surrounded by people who are just as motivated as you are to learn is invaluable."

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Designer / Developer to Software Engineer

Riku Bristol Coding Bootcamp Student

"The Coding Fellowship is not just for career changers, it’s also a great opportunity for self-taught developers to update their skills and to keep up with the industry standards."

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Teacher to Founder + Tech Lead

"The instructors included some of the most clear thinking and smart people I’ve ever encountered. Most impressively, the level of support that each of us received was of a quality that I’ve not experienced in education before."

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Recruiter to Front End Developer

Kate Bristol Coding Bootcamp Student

"Best Three Months Ever! The course is very intense, even if you have been through all of the preparation, but it is a brilliant."

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Graphic Designer to Web Developer

"All the hard work paid off, DevelopMe_ set me up with 6 interviews at different companies, and I had a few offers which I had to choose between."

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Lingerie Technologist

Kate part-time front end course student

"I would definitely recommend a course with Develop Me. It’s accessible and taught with the aim to get people coding as soon as possible!"

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Senior UX Designer

Steve part-time front-end course student

"Thanks @develop_me_uk and @Rumyra very grateful for all your help and experience. And too to our guest teacher @iamkeir in week 5. Highly recommend the course! "

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Marketing Manager

Stacey Part-time front-end course student

"Thanks to the course I’m now able to build modern responsive websites, and code without too many bad habits (which I would have picked up with self-learning for sure)!"

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Nurse to Software Developer

Jo Coding Bootcamp Graduate

"DevelopMe has given me that initial foundation to be able to drive myself in a career direction I never thought possible. I can not thank them enough for the entire experience."

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Musician to Web Developer

Tom Bristol Coding Bootcamp Student

"The combination of the teachers, teaching assistants and well thought through curriculum enabled me to learn so much more than I thought possible."

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TV Producer to Web Developer

Kiran coding bootcamp student

"I am extremely proud to be associated with Develop Me and I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to start a career as a developer. "

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Project Manager to Software Developer

Greg Coding Fellowship Student

"Highly recommend the course for anyone looking to career transition. All of the tutors were experts in their speciality and I felt supported and challenged throughout."

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Web Admin to WordPress Developer

Tat Coding Fellowship Student

"I learned more in 12 weeks at Develop Me than I did in my 5 years of my further and higher education."

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Operations Manager to Web Developer

Ricky Bristol Coding Bootcamp Student

"I was apprehensive and a little terrified about investing so much money in myself, but you only live once and if you're willing to put in just a little work and effort you can literally change your life in as little as 12 weeks. "

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Teacher to Web Developer + TA

Jack Bristol Coding Bootcamp Student

"Now, I've been working at a web development agency for 3 months, and things are going great! I'm continuing to learn a lot, and the job is much more fulfilling than anything I've done in the past."

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Secretary to Software Engineer

Suzanne Bristol Coding Bootcamp Student

"I am now 7 months into my first application developer role and am incredibly happy there. When I think back to where I was and what I was doing a year ago, I realise I have come a very long way, achieved and learnt a lot, met so many fantastic people."

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Marketing Assistant to Software Engineer

Aden Bristol Coding Bootcamp Student

"The entire course was extremely engaging (and brain melting at times), and all of the teachers that lead the different sections of the course were excellent."

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SEN Teaching Assistant to QA Engineer

Mark Bristol Coding Bootcamp Student

"I chose DevelopMe because their curriculum offered a broad introduction to full stack web development. Their programme delivery was excellent in terms of teaching content and quality of instructors. "

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Surveyor to Web Developer

Arthur Bristol Coding Bootcamp Student

"The fellowship has definitely been a life-changing experience and I recommend it to anyone looking to make a career-switch into the world of web development!"

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Engineer to Software Engineer

Vikki Bristol Coding Bootcamp Student

"It's very apparent that the whole course was very well thought-out... At the end of the course, I was lined up with 6 interviews with a range of really interesting tech companies."

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